Introduction. Consumers around the world are increasingly interested in how organic food is produced, how to improve their diet so that it is healthy, and how to reduce the impact of intensive agricultural production on the environment. At the present stage of development, organic agriculture has fully proven its ability not only to ensure sufficient production of environmentally friendly products, but also to promote the restoration and conservation of natural resources.

Purpose. The purpose of the scientific article is to define the main characteristics of consumer behavior of organic products based on the results of marketing research; assessment of the reasons for the change in consumer loyalty to domestic organic products; formation of recommendations for the promotion of organics in Ukraine.

Results. The relevance of this problem necessitated a marketing research by compiling questionnaires and conducting a survey among organic consumers in the Kiev region. The sample was 276 respondents. This study led to the conclusion that the level of consumer awareness of the features of labeling of organic products remains low, despite the popularization of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition in modern society. As a result of the analysis, it was found that currently organic production in the region is promising, given the growing interest from consumers. However, the key problems in the development of the market for organic products remain: a low level of awareness of target consumers, lack of guarantees of high quality organic food, and their misconception at points of sale. The search for ways to solve these problems determines the prospects for further scientific research.

Originality. In the process of writing a scientific article, the following research methods were used: comparative and abstract-logical analysis - to formulate the theoretical and methodological foundations of the problem of scientific research, to formulate conclusions and prospects for further research; as well as sociological analysis - to conduct a survey, using pre-designed questionnaires on the behavior of consumers of organic agricultural products in the selected region.

Conclusion. As a result of assessing the position of the population of Kyiv region on the situation of production and consumption of organic products in Ukraine, the insufficient level of public awareness and promotion of organic matter was determined. The level of consumer confidence in organic producers also remains low: 47.3% of respondents said they trust, but another 47.3% expressed distrust. Respondents were also willing to pay a higher price for certified organics. The marketing research identified priority types of organic matter: 65.3% of respondents want to buy all organic products, while 9.3% preferred meat and dairy products, 6.7% - fruits, 8% - vegetables, and 1.3% answered that they have their own organics.

It is established that the demand for this product largely depends on the age group of the consumer, his marital status, the presence of children, average monthly income and the level of culture of consumption. A number of measures to increase consumer loyalty are proposed and the main factors influencing the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and consumption of organic matter in Ukraine are identified.


organic products, organic production, safety, market for organic products, demand, consumer, quality.


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