Introduction. Over the last years Ukraine faced numerous reforms and programmes the authors and supporters of which were confident in their benefits to socioeconomic relations within a country. According to them such reforms had to increase the trust of the population to the state and its institutions.
In the article the influence of the Ukrainian public and economic relations reforming on the trust of the population to the state and its institutions is revealed.
Purpose. Analysed the effects of macroeconomic policy and microeconomic incentives under conditions of economy market transformation on the level of partnership between the state and its citizens. Disclosed the reasons of the reduction of the population’s confidence in state institutions while reforming agro-industry, administrative and territorial structure, systems of health care and education.
Results. Argued the conclusion that the mentioned reforms demonstrate not only positive aftereffects (that are limited), but also numerous weak sides which result in the reduction of the trust of population to the state institutions.
Originality. Worked out recommendations realization of which could revive or even increase the level of population’s confidence in the state and its institutions. Among others the most effective seem recommendations positively influencing the welfare of the Ukrainians.
Proposed socioeconomic measures the realization of which would lead to some expenses. Argued that the state, if it really wants to gain the trust of its population, must find necessary financial resources to carry out such expenses. Among others the sources could be: sustainable economic growth, progressive taxation for personal income and profits of enterprises, temporary wage restraints, forced finances return to Ukraine once illegally funded abroad.
Conclusion. Strengthening of population’s confidence in the state and its institutions could be achieved only in case if the state would face back its citizens.


Ukrainian-style reforming, trust of the population to the state, reasons of the trust reduction, the way of the revival of population’s confidence in state institutions, reforming of public and economic relations, resocialization and privatization, land r


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