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Oleksandr RYZHKO


Introduction. At the present stage of the Ukrainian economy, the introduction and development of innovations is not only an important factor in improving the efficiency of the activities of small business entities, but also a priority area of the national state economic policy.

Purpose. The purpose of this work is to study the factors of development of innovation and investment activities of small business entities.

Methods Descriptive, analytical methods and methods of comparison are used in this work.

Originality. The study of factors that have the greatest impact on the innovation and investment activities of small businesses is not enough attention in the scientific literature. This led to the choice of the topic of scientific research.

Results. According to the goal, the following tasks were set and fulfilled: a classification was conducted that had an impact on the development of innovation and investment activities of small business entities in Ukraine; it is determined that the most important endogenous factors of development of innovation and investment potential of MB are the organizational and managerial potential, innovative and financial and economic potential of the enterprise, which in general determine the possibilities for introduction of innovations; For a more complete study of innovation-investment activity of small business we highlight the following most important exogenous factors, such as institutional, market, socio-economic conditions, industrial-technical, scientific-technological potential and natural features of the country, which together determine the innovative environment of MB at macro level; The most significant problems of innovation and investment development of small business entities in the country are identified.

Conclusions. The research of the selected set of factors of innovation and investment development has shown that in recent years in Ukraine there has been an increase in the activity of innovative and investment activity of small business entities. In turn, systematization and specification of the abovementioned factors of innovation and investment development of small business entities will allow developing a system of indicators for assessing the innovation and investment potential of these entities in the framework of improving the incentive mechanism based on a rational combination of different sources of funding.

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