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Alina Proshchalykina


Introduction. Today, the topic of Ukraine's interaction with its strategic partners is quite relevant and is becoming increasingly popular. Each country, developing friendly relations with strategic partners, has certain guarantees of stability and development. Long-term economic relations should be built on a clear foundation, so it is necessary to create a concept that reflects the problems and prerequisites for the formation of such relations, interests, goals and priorities of both countries. One would also need to keep in mind the ideals and principles of strategic and economic partnerships, considering also the interdependence between Ukraine’s and the US’s developmental and external factors that would impact such relations. The process of developing relations with the United States is quite long and has started before the independence of Ukraine.

In the context of globalization, the solidification of cooperation between the United States and Ukraine is a very important process for the following reasons: the United States, as a powerful player in the international arena, has significant opportunities to support Ukraine; entering the US markets is an important condition for the development of Ukraine's export potential; establishment of investment cooperation will increase the competitiveness of domestic industries. Therefore, in our opinion, the United States as a strategic partner for Ukraine, especially in modern conditions, having certain misunderstandings with Russia, plays a decisive role in protecting the national interests of Ukraine.

Purpose. The study aims at the main dynamics of trade relations between Ukraine and the USA.

Results. The research aims to substantiate the peculiarities of trade relations between Ukraine and the United States and the directions of the one's solidification. The main problems and reasons for the negative balance of Ukraine are identified. The causes of instability and deterioration of relations are revealed. The degree of dependence of Ukrainian GDP on foreign trade with the United States is analyzed. The unrealized potential and the main ways of its fulfillment are pointed out. Recommendations for trade intensification are offered. The further development of relations is determined.

Originality. Implementation of the characteristics of Ukrainian-American cooperation in trade, as well as the disclosure of recommendations for improving Ukraine's international relations with the United States as a strategic partner.

Further developed: substantiation of the role of trade relations between Ukraine and the USA in intensifying economic development of Ukraine by determining the correlation-regression dependence between foreign trade turnover of Ukraine and the USA and GDP of Ukraine and determining the role of US assistance to Ukraine in the process of structural modernization of the national economy.

Conclusion. The results of the research can be used in the activities of public authorities, local governments in order to improve further cooperation between Ukraine and the United States, as well as in writing term papers and abstracts by higher education students.

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