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Introduction. The restaurant industry is an important link in the development of the tourism industry and important factors in the stabilization and structural rearrangement of the national economy.

Purpose. The aim of the article is to characterize the activities of restaurant enterprises in Cherkasy region in the context of the development of tourism in the region.

Results. The article evaluates the performance indicators of restaurant establishments in the Cherkasy region. The specifics of their functioning by location, type of cuisine and by the specialization of the institution as a whole are determined. The work of restaurant chains and fast food establishments of both local, national and international brands is characterized. Such innovative and modern directions as vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free dishes on the menu, as well as animation programs for children and a locavore approach to the organization of the restaurant's activities have been studied. The presentation of establishments of the Cherkasy region in the main national restaurant awards is outlined. The availability of information about restaurants on the Internet was analyzed. On the basis of the analysis, the author's approach to the characterization of the activities of restaurant enterprises in Cherkasy region as an element of the development of tourism in the region is proposed.

Originality. The scientific novelty of the article lies in the author's method of grouping restaurant establishments taking into account the specifics of the development of certain types of tourism in the region. It was analyzed how certain types of tourism that have become widespread in the region have an impact on the specifics of activities and the range of dishes in the restaurants located there.

Conclusion. Thus, the conducted analysis proved a fairly high level of development of restaurant establishments in the Cherkasy region. Certain peculiarities of the functioning of restaurant establishments are followed by the specifics of their presentation of dishes: establishments with several kitchens at the same time prevail. In terms of national cuisines, the most popular, and therefore, prevail, are the establishments with this specific type of dishes: Ukrainian, Georgian, Italian, American and East Asian. Separate menu formats and the provision of children's animation services in restaurants as a modern tool for attracting guests were also analyzed. The presentation of the main establishments of the restaurant industry in the leading national awards of the restaurant industry was studied. Territorial grouping was carried out according to the specifics of the location of restaurant establishments in accordance with the distribution of certain types of tourism in the region.

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