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Since 2005, Ukraine ranks first in the world in terms of production and export of sunflower oil. The share of Ukrainian sunflower oil in the world in the last 2 years was 47%, in the previous 3 years – 51-52%. Ukrainian vegetable oil and finished vegetable fats are sold in 155 foreign markets and exported by 760 companies. 93% of total oil exports are supplied to four main regions: Europe, Southeast Asia, Asia and the Middle East. Before the war in Ukraine, the majority of manufactured products were exported by sea. Due to active hostilities in the coastal territories, the work of Ukrainian ports in the Azov and Black seas is currently suspended, so farmers do not have the opportunity to sell their products by sea.

The purpose of the research paper is to study the current state and formation of the sunflower market in Ukraine, to determine consumer motivations and the level of demand for it, to identify the most successful marketing combinations for the sale of sunflower oil during the marketing year.

Research methodology. In the research process a number of general scientific and special methods were used, in particular: system structural analysis and synthesis as the main methodological approach (to analyze the peculiarities of the sunflower seed market development); monographic (to determine the essence of the factors of marketing influence on the market and consumers of sunflower products); extrapolation (to substantiate the marketing influence on the consumer and to ensure the sustainable development of the market of sunflower seeds and its processed products).

Results. The research paper examines the theoretical bases of innovation marketing. The main directions of development of farms specializing in sunflower production in terms of improvement of their marketing activities focused on increasing the efficiency of functioning are identified. Based on the summary of the research materials, the following scientific and practical results are proposed. The factors of the marketing environment are analyzed. The methodology of evaluating the economic efficiency of marketing activities of farms has been improved, which ensures its objectivity, reliability and timeliness. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research is the methodology of cognition, which is based on a systematic approach, the principle of complexity and consistency in the knowledge of economic phenomena and processes. The Abstract Logical Method is used to develop theoretical concepts and to draw conclusions and proposals. In determining the degree of influence of various factors on the economic efficiency of farms, including specialization and diversification, production of sunflower seeds and sunflower processing products, and the cost of marketable products.

Originality. In the context of developing a marketing strategy, general scientific methods determine the general logic of the research, but they are not the main ones, rather they complement special methods. The basis of functional strategies is the management of a specific type of product, resources, process and output. These strategies are complementary and are developed in an integrated manner. In this case, the agromarketing information system acts as a link in the structure of the permanent interconnection and interdependence of people, office equipment and methodological approaches focused on defining the problem, collecting, summarizing, analyzing, evaluating, disseminating timely, accurate, complete information for the purpose of organization in accordance with the established strategy.

Conclusions. The main directions for improving the efficiency of the oilseed market are identified: improvement of the domestic oilseed production system, creation of conditions for a competitive environment in the oilseed market, improvement of market functioning and reduction of production costs. The results of the implementation of the basic strategy for the development of the sunflower seed and oil market at the farm level are presented. It was found that the main stages of development of the marketing system in the market of sunflower seeds and their processed products should be based on the use of modern information technology, information systems and communication channels.

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