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Vladyslava BONDAR


Introduction. In the modern world of goods and services, competition among businesses in the market is highly intense, as many companies offer similar products and services. In the conditions of such significant competition, the necessity of gaining market share and attracting the attention of potential customers becomes crucial. One of the effective ways to achieve these goals is the creation of a positive company image. The image, shaping society's perception of the organization, has a tremendous impact on the success and competitiveness of the enterprise.

Purpose. The aim of the article is to analyze scientific works of researchers regarding the role of a company's image in the modern market. It seeks to explore how the image influences the enterprise and its success in the market, determine the impact of positive and negative images on the company, its consumers, and their purchasing decisions, and examine both internal and external aspects of the image as well as its emotional coloring.

Results. The article addresses the issue of high competition in the market of goods and services and emphasizes the importance of creating a positive company image to attract clients and gain market share. The authors highlight the diversity of interpretations of the concept of "image" and underscore the necessity of considering various aspects such as external and internal factors, emotional coloring, and strategic management in the formation of a company's image. The analysis of key research and publications in the field of studying the role of the image in the market success of enterprises is supported by the works of leading scholars. The article outlines research goals, including analyzing the role of both positive and negative images in a company, examining external and internal images, and exploring their emotional nuances. The authors aim to reveal the impact of developing a strong image on the success and competitiveness of a company in today's market conditions. The article delves into various definitions of the "image" concept and provides a detailed analysis of both external and internal images from an emotional perspective.

Originality. The research and obtained results involve highlighting various aspects of the image and its impact on businesses and organizations. It also includes the methodology of image formation and its strategic management.

Conclusion. In a world of high competition, the importance of creating and managing a company's image becomes crucial for achieving success and competitiveness. Thoughtful formation of external and internal images, effective use of strategic management, and marketing tools enable businesses to attract customers, expand market opportunities, and maintain consumer confidence in choosing their products and services. A positive image, as a result of the right strategy, becomes a critical factor in building lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders, ensuring a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

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