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Yaroslava KOSHOLAP


Introduction. Modern technologies and the globalization of the food industry pose new challenges to food production enterprises, in particular, in terms of ensuring their safety and quality. In the conditions of the constant dynamics of market conditions and the growth of consumer demands, the implementation of a food safety management system at enterprises is of particular importance. Food safety is not only a guarantee of the absence of harmful substances in products, but also an integral component of a high level of consumer trust. National and international standards, such as the HACCP system, have become a necessary tool to achieve this goal.

The purpose of the study is to reveal the specifics of the formation and functioning of the food safety management system at modern enterprises, as well as to reveal the problems with food safety in Ukraine.

Results. Research in the field of food safety management systems at enterprises leads to several important results. It was found that ensuring the quality and safety of food products is becoming critically important for ensuring public health and well-being. The second important result is the recognition of the effectiveness of the HACCP system for food safety control. The HACCP system is defined as an effective tool for identifying, evaluating and regulating potentially dangerous factors affecting product safety. This emphasizes its important role in modern food safety management.

Originality. The originality of this article lies in a new look at the HACCP system, considering it as an integral component of a high standard of food quality and safety. Also, in the context of the Ukrainian market, the active implementation of the HACCP system at food enterprises is emphasized, and an example of successful integration in the company of the Vloshkove Pole trade mark is given. This indicates the importance of such initiatives for improving the quality and safety of products in Ukraine.

Conclusions. This information reveals key aspects of food safety and quality that are extremely important to public health and well-being. Considering the created HACCP system as an effective product safety control tool, we can note that it is a significant contribution to the protection of consumers from potential dangers. The HACCP system is recognized as not only an effective tool, but also a durable one, as it has been around since the 1960s and continues to be relevant. The importance of this system is demonstrated by its ability to identify, assess and regulate potentially hazardous factors affecting food safety. The described seven principles of implementing the HACCP system at the enterprise emphasize the importance of analyzing hazardous factors, identifying critical control points, and implementing monitoring procedures and corrective actions. Highlighting the benefits of the HACCP system, such as disease prevention, compliance and cost reduction, demonstrates its comprehensiveness and positive impact on production and consumers. The indicated shortcomings, in particular, large resources and limited effectiveness for some hazards, indicate the need for careful planning and adaptation of the system to the specific conditions of the enterprise. In Ukraine, the HACCP system is actively integrated at food enterprises, and an example of the successful implementation of this approach is provided by the company PrJSC "Yuriya", which confirms positive changes in the management of the quality and safety of food products on the Ukrainian market.

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