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Introduction. The most important task of the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine is to provide the population with complete and high-quality food products. A significant place in the implementation of this task belongs to the field of melon growing. We use wild mushrooms not only in fresh form, they can be used to prepare a variety of delicious dishes. One of the most productive and profitable melon crops are pumpkins, which have recently become increasingly popular among consumers. The consumer properties of pumpkin seeds are widely known on the world market. It is an easily accessible source of protein and other useful substances.

The purpose of article is reviewing the state and formation of the pumpkin seed market in Ukraine, determining consumer motivations and the level of demand for it, identifying the most successful marketing combinations for sale of pumpkin oil during the marketing year.

In the research process, a number of general scientific and special methods were used, namely: system and structural analysis and synthesis as the main methodological tool (for analyzing the features of the development of the pumpkin seed market; monographic (when determining the essence of the factors influencing marketing on the market and consumers of pumpkin products); extrapolation (when substantiating the marketing impact on consumers and ensuring the sustainable development of the market of pumpkin seeds and their processing products).

Results. The research paper examines the theoretical foundations of innovation marketing. The main directions of the development of farms that specialize in the production of pumpkins are determined, in relation to the improvement of their marketing activities, aimed at increasing the efficiency of functioning. Based on the generalization of scientific research materials, the following scientific and practical results of the research paper are proposed. The factors of the marketing environment are analyzed. The method of assessing the economic efficiency of marketing activities of farms is improved, which ensures its objectivity, reliability and timeliness.

Originality. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research paper was the methodology of cognition, which is based on a systematic approach, the principle of complexity and consistency in the cognition of economic phenomena and processes. Using the abstract and logical method, theoretical generalizations were made and conclusions and proposals were formed. When determining the degree of influence on the economic efficiency of farms, various factors were analyzed, in particular, specialization and diversification, the volume of production of pumpkin seeds and the duration of its processing, the cost of commercial products.

Conclusions. The main directions for increasing the efficiency of the pumpkin seed market are determined: creation of conditions for a competitive environment in the market of pumpkin seeds and oil; increasing the efficiency of market functioning and reducing the production cost. The results of the implementation of the basic strategy for the development of the pumpkin seed and oil market at the enterprise level are presented. It is established that the main stages of development of the marketing system on the market of pumpkin seeds and its processing products should be based on the application of modern information technologies, information support and communication networks.

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