Transformation of the agricultural markets structure at the modern stage of scientific progress

E.M. Kyryliuk


In the article the tendencies of scientific and technical progress influence on transformation of structure of agrarian market are exposed. The peculiarities of modification of agricultural production and filling of the agricultural market during the "green revolution" and "genetic revolution" are explained. Reasons of unevenness of world agrarian market development, origins of disproportions that brake the tendencies of smoothing of standard of living of population of planet, are educed. It is emphasized that in a post-industrial transformation of modern economies resulting impact on agricultural production STP became its division into three types of technological systems and therefore differentiation world agricultural market into three segments: traditional market, genetically modified and organic products.

It is certain that appearance science absorbing GMresource that is grown in the conditions of high level of protection of intellectual ownership rights, created pre-conditions for the increase of level of monopolization of world agrarian market. Benefits from wide introduction of genic technologies in agriculture get, foremost, the developed countries - in practice a natural barrier on the way of distribution of these technologies is a peculiar on the results of biotechnological researches.It is well-proven that presently vertical integration is practically the only organizational form of production and sale, that in the conditions of hard protection of intellectual ownership rights provides penetration of science absorbing technologies in all links of agrarian products advancement.

It is certain that commodity innovations on the basis of genetically modified and organic raw material went on fundamentally new directions, many of that will determine agrofood market development on the nearest decades.

Ключові слова

technological progress; «green revolution»; «genetic revolution»; the agricultural market; genetically modified products; organic products; biotechnology; vertical integration


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