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Victoriia BILYK


Introduction. The strategic orientations of the activities of any domestic enterprise, both in peacetime and in wartime, should include, among other important goals, the achievement and maintenance of a high level of economic security. The role of the personnel of the business entity in this process is significant, since the personnel resource participates in both the development of the strategy and its implementation, and at certain moments of time poses a threat to the state of economic security of the business structure, but at the same time is a means of getting out of crises and a subject of security-oriented management. The personnel policy must be consistent with the corporate strategy of the enterprise and not contradict it, since the sources of personnel recruitment, mechanisms of their motivation, threats accompanying the processes of dismissal of employees, must be understood by the management staff and foreseen in advance. Thus, the strategic management of the enterprise, among other things, aims at security-oriented management, which, in turn, affects the personnel policy of the business entity.

Purpose is the justification of the role of economic security strategic management in the process of forming the personnel policy of business entities.

Results. It is proposed that the strategic management of economic security be understood as a set of management decisions aimed at planning, organizing, implementing and controlling measures to identify, avoid, eliminate, assess and manage future threats and risks that may hinder the company's achievement of its strategic goals of functioning and development. The differences between the strategic management of economic security and the situational operational reactions of the management of enterprises to the action of threats that arise in the external and internal environments of business entities are specified.

Originality. Strategic orientations for the economic security management of enterprises are determined, as well as personnel risks that can prevent their achievement are specified, and it is proposed how these aspects can be taken into account in the personnel policy of the enterprise. A comprehensive approach to the economic security strategic management of the economic entity was formalized, as a result of which the following stages of the implementation of this process were distinguished: determination of the goals of strategic management of economic security in accordance with the goals of the general strategy of the enterprise, development of information and analytical support for the process of economic security strategic management, formation of the economic security ensuring Strategy, drawing up a budget, dividing tasks between executors, appointing responsible persons, identifying strategic risks, threats and dangers, making corrections to strategic guidelines taking into account the variability of circumstances, making management decisions in accordance with the chosen goals, forecasting the results of management and the possibility of influence on the results of other decisions (in other areas of management), control of the measures taken, evaluation of the obtained results.

Conclusion. The role of economic security strategic management in the process of forming the personnel policy of business entities is to lay down future guidelines regarding the level of knowledge, skills, and specification of competencies that the company's personnel should possess in order to ensure that their professional activities counteract potential threats and risks to the normal operation of the company. By focusing on past events, when due to the actions or inaction of employees, the company suffered reputational or other losses, specialists in the economic security management and in company strategy will be able to form a set of personnel risks that can become an obstacle to the successful achievement of the strategic goals of the business entity.

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